Monday, 2 April 2018

March Meet the Maker - My Best Bits


I'm sorry if you've noticed I'm a little behind with my diary posts, I've had a mad March really. I had a mega-exciting trip to New York, plus my birthday, a weekend in the Lakes and various projects going off.

I did March Meet the Maker over on Instagram this month, a challenge set by Joanne Hawker. I Was surprised what an effect it had on other things sometimes, having that extra job I had to squeeze in every day. It has left me with a few things to catch up on since my holidays, but I am glad I did it! Hopefully if you were following, you feel like you know me a little better now. If not, here are a few of my favourite posts from #marchmeetthemaker...

Day 1 - You 

I'm Josephine, an illustrator from Barnsley, living in Sheffield. My favourite food is Yorkshire puddings, I live with my super cool boyfriend Lee, I'm the youngest of 5. I love cook books, trips to the seaside and the sound of a synthesiser! I love drawing so I made it my job! I have an etsy shop and sell at markets and do different kinds of commissions for people. Nice to meet you!

Day 2 - Where

So here I am in Sheffield, where I moved less than two months ago! I’m from Barnsley, so pretty close anyway and have spent lots of time here over the last few years. I feel very at home here. I love the big creative vibe the city has and the amount of events going on (as well as the myriad of gorgeous places to eat) and I still have lots to explore, it’s all very exciting!

Day 6 - Workspace

It’s my favourite #marchmeetthemaker day - workspaces! I love seeing where other people work. Here are some shots of my new studio! I only moved in a couple of months ago, so there is still mess that needs sorting, which I craftily angled the camera away from! I try to keep my table fairly clear so I can put my drawing board out easily or use it to wrap orders. We replaced the old postage stamp sized window with this big beauty before I moved in and it’s now the best room in the house for light. I love it!

Day 8 - Flatlay

Of course, I’ve taken photos from above for my shop before, but to compose a flatlay just for the fun of it - like the super cool ones on instagram - was a new one for me. I have to confess, my other half Lee helped with the idea to make my Cantastic cookbook zine the star of the show. The Cantastic Cookbook is available on my etsy shop for £3. 

Day 9 - How it's Made

For today's post I shared a multiple of images that show a simple explanation of the screen printing process (and making of the screen). You can take a look at the Instagram post here, or follow this link to read my previous blog article on how a screen print is made. 

Day 10 - Time to Relax

Considering how busy I make myself, I think I’m pretty good at relaxing. I really enjoy most things I do! Here are some of my favourite ways to unwind... 

Food - cooking/eating/going to restaurants. I’m obsessed and 9 times out of 10 I’ll eat every last crumb.
Tea & Netflix - either cuddled up to my boyfriend or wrapped up in my blanket like a walnut whip.
Yoga - my most favourite exercise, I love it and I also love to swim!

Fresh air - I love to go for a walk and shriek with delight every time I see a squirrel or hear a rustle that might be a squirrel. 

Day 13 - Work Clothes

It was my birthday this day, so I was in a great mood. 
What I wore to work in seemed much less important than a smile!

Day 14 - Dreams and Plans

Today’s #marchmeetthemaker is all about ‘Dreams and Plans’ so I chose dreams. My other half tells me I should draw my dreams, maybe he’s trying to detract my attention from me having to tell him them when I wake up (or text him them if he’s not here). Swipe sideways to see what’s going on in the picture... Oh. Wait. Ambitions!! I’ve got a lot of those too! As well as my crazy dreams. But you do feel like you know me better now, don't you?
Day 29 - Community

I think getting involved with your local community is pretty essential when you're learning to run a business. I've learnt such a lot from members of Sheffield Sellers on Etsy and The Crafty Business Network - through meetings, fairs and on the Facebook groups. I'm finding living in Sheffield amazing for community events and opportunities to meet fellow creatives and business owners. I recently joined Sheffield Creative Guild and also discovered Creative Mornings Sheffield and looking forward to going to more! It's also good for me to make sure I'm getting out and chatting to people, now I no longer have colleagues to tell my silly stories to!

Day 30 - Tips and Advice

•Under promise, over deliver is one I've picked up from the Honest Designers podcast and has stayed in my head as a handy reminder when agreeing to work and delivering something delightful!
•'If in doubt, take it out' is something Warren, one of my tutors told me at uni when I was putting my portfolio together. I hear it back in my head often! I particularly like advice that rhymes!

•'It'll all come out in the wash' is something my Dad used to say. He was a pretty laid back dude!! It reminds me not to worry or stress about things that would be forgotten in a few weeks! (Yes, sometimes it takes me that long to do my washing. It's ok, I have lots of clothes).

So that's a wrap for March Meet the Maker. I definitely recommend doing a challenge on Instagram to show your work to more people and give yourself accountability to post every day. I'd like to think I might have time to do Inktober in October... let's wait and see! Here is a link to my Instagram, if you'd like to follow my illustration adventures!

Monday, 12 March 2018

Dellow's Diary Week 10

Last week was good, a mix of work and house renovating (again...) interspersed with some lovely treaty food and outings and even a spot of adulting (check out the DIY skills...) hope you had a lovely week!

P.S. Spring is coming!

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Dellow's Diary - Week 9

This week was the ice blast that snowed me and a lot of the country into the house for days. I feel very aware at the moment of how long it's taking to finish renovating my old house... So it was nice to be 'powerless' due to the snow and stay in the studio, concentrating on my work for most of the week! I had commissions to work on so it was good to get my head down and listen to lots of podcasts, getting out for some fresh air when I needed to venture to the post office. I am massively grateful that I don't have to worry about driving in it anymore - even though working from home means I no longer get to sit and watch disney films all day because it's a 'snow day'!

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Dellow's Diary - Week 8

This week you'll see more sad faces than you're used to on my diary post - the week started with sore throat and nasty headache - but thankfully, the magical healing powers of pineapple sorted my throat out quickly!

I was feeling much better towards the end of the week and nothing puts a spring in your step more than a free slice of cake and an interesting talk on a Friday morning! It was my first time at Creative Mornings Sheffield and I was super impressed - what a fabulous event! Creative Mornings takes place all over the world, it's a 'breakfast lecture series for the creative community' and yes, they provide top drawer refreshments! And it's free!

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Dellow's Diary - Week 7

Last week was mega eventful! Not only was it Pancake Day and Valentines Day (aka. Franz Ferdinand Day) but I also got a big surprise, went to some creative networking events AND won at Scrabble! I hope you had a nice week too!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Dellow's Diary - Week 6

Had another pleasant little week, despite the dramatic 'cold snap' we were warned of on Monday morning.

My weeks have been so full of work and decorating, I haven't had time to go out and try a new yoga class yet, since moving to Sheffield. I loved my class in Royston (Wednesday nights at 7pm, if you're local and looking!) and went to it for over four years. For now, I'm trying out Yoga with Adriene on Youtube and rather enjoying it! It's amazing how much more like myself it makes me feel. 

Finished the week with a lovely weekend of charity shop shopping, mashed potatoes and jigsaws!

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Dellow's Diary Week 5

This week I went to a Speed-mateing event at Union St, organised by Girl Gang Sheffield. It was such a unique experience - over 50 ladies all in one room, getting to know each other! It was LOUD but so much fun... and I did indeed make some lovely new friends! On Sunday, my boyfriend Lee flew to Boston with work for the week, giving me some bonding time with my new crib (ie. watching gilmore girls). But before that, we fitted in some fun food, a gig and a cinema trip...

...and I hate to sound like I'm bragging, but I did also smuggle a Pizza Hut into the cinema once.

Here is a link to find out more about Girl Gang events and their next Speed-mateing session!

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Dellow's Diary! (...of an Illustrator) Week 4

It's been a bit of a mad January really, lots of nitty gritty jobs as I've been sorting out the house I moved from and organising myself at the new one. I have had some lovely new commissions come in this week, plus a new cosy sofa and nice food to brighten up the cold and busy days!

I think Porter Pizza might be my most favourite pizza on the market. #justsaying

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Dellow's Diary! (...of an Illustrator) Week 3

Another pretty busy week of unpacking, settling in and work jobs! Here are some of the nice things I did, watched and ate! I hope you had a pleasant week!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Dellow's Diary! (...of an Illustrator) Week 2

I haven't been able to fully experience the joys yet of working from home and focusing solely on my freelance business, as I have also been dealing with another life changing event - moving house! I loved my house to bits, but I'm very excited to have moved to Sheffield and be settling in to my shiny new studio!

So last week I had a mix of work days and house-sorting/packing days, interspersed with some Netflix and yoga...